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Probably this Macromedia Dreamviewer file. File location YourDrive:\Program Files (x86)\Macromedia\Dreamweaver (in Windows 7). This file is safe, but if you want to be secure about that, your may check it using antivirus program and antispyware. You can make a point about this file, if you have any thoughts. There is links under, where you can read comments written by other users or write your own comment. The common (mis)conception with Dreamweaver is that Dreamweaver is designed to or is even capable of completely removing the agency of HTML and CSS coding from web design. This is like saying that a nail-gun can completely replace a hammer. A nail-gun will nail the boards together, but it is an imprecise tool, and there is a certain amount of danger while using it. If you canít occasionally fall back on the hammer for more detail-oriented work, then thereís a definite limit to what you can build. A skilled carpenter knows how to use the hammer and occasionally does so when the nail-gun just isnít doing what is intended.

* note, that files with same name can be not same.


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